Nothing is Too Hard for God

I sent my girls out the door yesterday with a kiss and an "I love you." To my oldest, I said "Just ignore the mean girls." My parting words to my youngest were "Don't let that boy bother you."

Clearly, my girls are dealing with some hard moments in their classrooms and on the playground. It's not fun to wake up in the morning knowing that someone is going to do their best to make your day miserable. It's hard.

Relationships aren't the only thing in our kids' lives that are hard. Some kids struggle with a particular subject. Some kids have a hard time fitting into the rigid childhood social structure. Some kids are dealing with heartbreak at home.

It's a tough world we live in. Kids are expected to grow up and take responsibility so much sooner than when we were kids. They have more access to adult subjects through TV and the Internet than we ever did.

Yet throughout the ages, one thing has never changed. God is bigger than all the mean girls, annoying boys, difficult math problems and tough home circumstances. Jeremiah 32:27 says "I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?"

No matter the circumstance, nothing is too hard for God. He's bigger than the problem, and He can solve it. All we have to do is trust that He will do so.

Help your kids understand that God is bigger than their troubles.

  • When your child is facing a problem, ask them to rank how big they think their problem is on a scale of 1-10. Then ask them how big they think God is. Talk about how our problems might be a 10, but God is a 100. No problem is too hard for Him to handle.
  • Find a fly swatter and a blueberry. Tell your child that the blueberry is their problem. Hand them the fly swatter and tell them to hit the blueberry (be sure to put something under the blueberry to protect your table). Look at the smashed blueberry and talk about how God is as powerful as the fly swatter. He can take care of our problems because nothing is too hard for Him.
  • Give your child a wrapped box. Tell him that you're giving him this gift. After about two seconds, take the box back. Explain that for God to help us with our problems, we have to give them to Him. We can't keep snatching them back to deal with ourselves like you did with the gift. Nothing is too hard for God, but He can't help us if we won't ask.

Being a kid is tough. Some days being an adult is tough. But nothing that we face in life is too big or too awful for God.

Nothing is too hard for God.