I'm Thankful for God's Love

Each day until Thanksgiving, Everyday Truth is looking at a different reason to be thankful in a family devotional. Use these devotionals with your kids to help keep your family focused on giving thanks. If you missed the introductory post, check it out here for directions on creating a "Thanksgiving wall." When you're done with the devotional head on over to the Everyday Truth Facebook page and join in the discussion of why we're thankful for God's love. Sometimes life is tough. Our friends can be mean to us. Our parents don't seem to understand us. Someone we love dies. We get sick or hurt. School is hard.

In those moments it's easy to feel like we're all alone, like no one cares about us. But it's the tough situations that remind us that God loves us.

No matter what we do or how bad our situation seems, God's love is never changing. He loves us not because of what we do or say but because He made us. He sent His Son to die for us because He loves us.

The Bible tells us that God's love is "unfailing." That means it's always there. It always surrounds us -- even when bad stuff happens.

David was a guy who had some bad stuff happen to him. He had to fight a giant when he was a teen-ager. The king tried to kill him -- several times. His son died. His other sons tried to kill him. It seems like tough things were always coming David's way. Yet, it was David who wrote these words: "When I said, 'My foot is slipping,' your unfailing love, LORD, supported me." (Psalm 94:18)

When bad things happened to David, he remembered that God loves Him. And God loves us just as much as He loved David. His love will always be there.

So, when you're having a bad day and you feel like you're all alone, remember God loves you. He loves you so much He let Jesus die so you could have a relationship with Him. When the world seems out to get you, when you feel like your foot is slipping, remember God's love is there to support you. No matter what you do, He will always love you.

Thank God for His love today. Write on your Thanksgiving wall one way you are thankful God shows His love for you. While we can't get a hug from God, He shows His love for us through our families, through Jesus' sacrifice and even through the world He made. Pray and thank God for showing His love to you.