Friday Introduction: Rise Above Your Limits

My oldest daughter has had a rough week at school. The other night, she was investing a lot of energy and tears into reliving some mean girl drama. It was bedtime. I was tired, and we'd already hashed and rehashed the situation. I really wanted to just kiss her on the head and tell her to go to sleep. As I debated in my brain how to disengage from the conversation, a still, small voice reminded me that this was a teachable moment. I could grab it or I could pass it up. But I needed to recognize that if I passed it up, I was missing an important opportunity to teach my daughter about God's love and compassion.

My daughter has a loft bed, so to carry on this conversation, I had to stand on a chair -- not the most comfortable of positions for a 20-minute teachable moment. I really wanted to walk away, but I didn't. I stood there, precariously balanced on the chair and helped my daughter work it through. It was a teachable moment that I chose to grab, and I was glad I did. I haven't heard more about that particular event the rest of the week. Things seem to be going better with the girls in her class -- for the moment.

I don't always grab the teachable moments. Sometimes I ignore the still, small voice prodding me to teach my kids about how God helps us in the moment. Sometimes I miss them because I'm too busy, and sometimes I choose to ignore them because they're not convenient. When I miss them, I ask for forgiveness and ask God to give me another opportunity, but I've learned the key to catching those moments is to be looking for them. It's taking a moment to lose my selfishness and dive into the opportunity God provides.

I'm talking about this as a guest poster over at Rise Above Your Limits today. Pop on over to get a more in-depth look at why it's so important to grab the teachable moments with our kids.

Becky Jane does a great job at Rise Above Your Limits of offering encouragement and godly wisdom to women of all ages and life stages. From parenting to humor to parenting, Becky Jane has something for everyone. She even has a few give-aways going on.

Join me at Rise Above Your Limits for the rest of today's post.