Friday Introductions: Resurrection iWitness

Easter is coming, and I'm always looking for different ways to share the Easter story with my girls. My two daughters have been going to church nearly every Sunday since they were born. The resurrection account is one they have heard over and over and over again. I never want that account to get old for them. I want it to be fresh and new and even surprising. The story of Easter is awe-inspiring. Jesus died, was dead for three days, then rose again. The most amazing part of all that is that He died, not because of anything He did, but because of something I did. He took my sins on himself and died so that I might have eternal life. I want my girls to be awed by that every time they hear it. It should never grow old.

Unfortunately, in this world of video games and 10-second attention spans, we're all less surprised by the resurrection than we should be. The account of Jesus' death and resurrection become just another story that we've heard before. That's why I'm so excited about a new book about Easter. I know, you're thinking, "Another book? How is that going to keep my kid interested in the resurrection account?" But this isn't just any book. It's Resurrection iWitness and it looks like one of those "-ology" books.

My girl love those "-ology" books you can get at the library. Pirateology, Titanicology, we've read a bunch of them. The girls love them because they take a big subject and break it down into little, understandable chunks. There are flaps to open, notes to read and diagrams to study. These books make reading interactive and interesting.

Resurrection iWitness is an interactive experience that your kids will return to again and again. The book includes only those facts that are agreed upon by a majority of scholars. It uses those historical facts to make a convincing argument for the truth of the resurrection. This is a great tool to use with the Scriptures to help your kids see that the historical facts line up with the biblical account.

You can learn more about Resurrection iWitness clicking on the video at the top of this post or checking out the Apologia Facebook page. If your kids are more into the digital age, there's even an iPad app. Check out this video to learn more about the app.

The account of Jesus' death and resurrection, should never grow old -- for us or our kids. The most amazing thing ever happened at Easter -- Jesus died so we could have life. The message of Easter is found in John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." That's a message we should never get tired of hearing.