Friday Introduction: Vote for Susie Magazine

I don't write much about teenagers in this space, mostly because I don't feel qualified to speak to the topic. I'm sure that will change in years to come.

Today, though, I want to introduce you to a fantastic resource for teenage girls, Susie magazine. If you have boys, please don't close the browser. Susie magazine needs everyone's help.

First, let me tell you about Susie. This magazine aims to help teen girls navigate the treacherous waters of beauty, dating, driving, friendships and all those things that go along with being a teen girl. It tackles a lot of the same topics as other teen magazines, but it does so from a Christian perspective.

A subscription to Susie also gets your teen access to their website and online forums. The monitored forums are a safe place for girls to come and talk to other girls about issues facing a Christ-following teen girl today. You can check out Susie on their website.

The great news about Susie is that the magazine made the cut for WalMart's Get On the Shelf contest. WalMart is letting the public choose the next new item to go on its shelves, and Susie made the top 10. We need material like Susie in mainstream stores like WalMart. If we want it to show up there, we need to vote.

There are two ways to vote.

Click here and vote using your Facebook account or

Text 4959 to 383838.

You can vote twice a day.

This is an opportunity to put action to our words. If you want more content for Christ-following teens and kids to appear in mainstream stores, then make sure you vote twice a day every day until April 24.

If you have a teen girl, check out Susie at their website or their Facebook page.

And spread the word about Susie's attempt to get on the shelf at WalMart. Click the Facebook share button, tweet it or forward this on to your friends. Let's get Susie on the shelves.