Friday Introduction: The One Year Sports Devotions for Kids

Our lives these days often revolve around sports of some kind. Between the two girls, we have four practices a week and at least two games a weekend. The rest of our schedules are built around those practices and games. We eat dinner at odd times. We sometimes enlist the grandparents to help get everyone where they need to be. Sports are a big part of our lives.

For years, I struggled to find an engaging family devotional. It seemed like every devotional I found either talked over the heads of my kids or treated them like toddlers. My girls needed something that interested them and made them think. I wanted something that encouraged them to apply the Bible to real-world experiences.

We try to have a family devotional time at dinner as many days a week as we can. We think it's important to talk about the Bible and how it applies to our lives with our kids. We do that in the teachable moments during the day, but a family devotional time gives us a more structured way to do it as well. It's just one more way for us to talk about God when we "sit at home" (Deuteronomy 6:7).

After many years of searching for an engaging devotional book, we finally landed on The One Year Sports Devotions for Kids. If you have kids who love sports, this is the devotional you need. It takes life lessons from sports and ties them to the Bible. Each day tells the story of something that happened in the world of sports and ties it to a Bible passage. Each devotion concludes with a real-world application.

My girls love this book. It doesn't just focus on the major sports. We've learned about underwater hockey, curling and extreme sports. We've had to go look up sports on YouTube just to find out what they look like.

The One Year Sports Devotions for Kids offers our family plenty of opportunity to talk about God, the Bible and sports. If you have a child who loves sports, be sure to check it out.