Day 6: Get Ready to Bust Boredom (and a giveaway)

It usually doesn't take long -- a few days at the most -- before I hear the universal summertime cry of "I'm bored."

When I hear those words, I look around my house at the multitude of toys, video games, art projects and games and wonder how anyone could be bored. I've decided that boredom doesn't come from a lack of things to do, it comes from a lack of decision-making skills. Many times, my kids simply can't decide what to do, so they tell me that they're bored.

Keeping our kids busy isn't just a sanity saver. It's biblical. Have you ever noticed that it's when our kids have nothing to do that they seem to find their way into trouble? Keeping our kids busy will keep them from trouble and from developing a habit of laziness. Ecclesiastes 10:18 says "Through laziness, the rafters sag; because of idle hands, the house leaks." Boredom leads to idleness and often trouble for our kids.

But, how do we answer the cries of "I'm bored" without constantly having to plan activities for our kids? Create an "I'm Bored" box. On slips of paper, write a whole bunch of activities, from chores to fun things, and stick them in a small box. Whenever a child cries "I'm bored," make it a rule that they have to pull a slip from the box and do whatever is on the slip. Not knowing whether they'll pull a chore or a fun activity will make your kids think before they utter those words.

To get you started on your "I'm bored" box, you'll find premade activity slips as today's free printable. I've given you two pages worth of ideas and included a blank sheet for you to fill in your own ideas. Print them off, cut them apart, put them in your box and you're ready for the first utterance of "I'm bored."

And to help you fight the boredom blues at your house this summer, I'm giving away a free $10 gift card to Target. You can add a new toy, book or game to your summertime activities. Check out the options below to enter.

Teaching your kids to keep busy this summer will help you hang onto your sanity and will help your kids learn to keep their hands busy. Having a plan for dealing with the I'm bored blues will help make this The Best Summer Ever.

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