Day 12: Start Summer with a Celebration

I looked up and there she was on a 8-foot screen. My firstborn baby girl -- no hair and a few teeth, dressed in her Christmas best. Almost before I could blink, she was replaced by a picture of a young woman, one I barely recognize as my baby.

My daughter's fifth grade celebration was last night. Today, is her last day of elementary school. As last night's slide show projected photo after photo of every kid in her grade as a baby, then as they are now, we remembered the big moments and the small ones that have gotten us to this point. It seems like only yesterday we sent them off to kindergarten, and here they are on their way to middle school.

Last night, we celebrated their accomplishments. We celebrated their growth. And we celebrated even the tough moments. There's a blank spot on the wall where the kids leave their handprints at our school for the classmate who died last year. There were awards to celebrate the kids social studies accomplishments. And there were notes from a teacher at the school celebrating every child in the grade.

Summer starts tomorrow, but last night we celebrated what the kids accomplished in the past six school years. Whether your child is finishing preschool or high school, end your school year with a celebration. Remember the high points and the low points of the year. Celebrate the fun and the silly and the sad and the amazing. Mark this moment in time because it won't come again.

Today, I'll walk home with six little (and not so little anymore) girls. We'll hang out at our house, eat some pizza and celebrate the important moments of the year. We'll spend a little time reflecting on the big moments and the little ones. And we'll spend some time thanking God for another year, our friends and our accomplishments.

God wants us to celebrate the moments. All through the Old Testament, the Israelites made altars to remind them of the things that God had done. They piled up some stones that said, "In this place, God did something good." In Psalm 145:7, we're told "They celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness." Use the start of summer to create some altars of your own. Celebrate God's goodness.

Plan a celebration. It doesn't have to be big -- a special lunch or an ice cream sundae will do. Simply make time to celebrate what has happened this year. Don't forget to keep a record of what you're celebrating. Start a tradition. Use the Celebration worksheet to record what your kids consider to be their biggest accomplishments, their toughest moments and the moments where they saw God at work. Take a moment to reflect on the year just past before you jump into summer.

Before you start The Best Summer Ever, celebrate the year that got you here.

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