The Best Summer Ever: A Trip to the Pool

One of our favorite things to do in the summer is to spend lazy afternoons at the pool. It's cool and refreshing in the middle of a hot and humid Kansas summer. Because we have pool passes, it's also cheap. The perfect combination.

We go to the pool so often that the trip often becomes ordinary. It's not an adventure. It's not a learning experience. It's often just a way to kill time and cool off.

But it doesn't have to be. Trips to the pool can be a great opportunity to focus our kids' attention on Jesus. Throughout the Bible, water plays a role in several miracles. God parted the Red Sea. Jesus turned water into wine. Jesus even compared himself to water drawn from a well.

We can turn a simple trip to the pool into an extraordinary opportunity for our kids to learn about God:

Get in the pool with your kids and ask them to make a path through the water. Explain that you want them to pile up the water on either side of you so that you are standing on dry ground. No matter how hard your kids try, the water will just fill back in. Talk about how amazing it must have been for the Israelites to see, not a pool full of water, but the entire Red Sea pushed back on either side. Talk with your kids about how God has power over His creation. He can do anything.

When you get to the pool, tell your kids you want them to walk across the top of the water, without getting anything wet but the bottoms of their feet. After they sink a few times, talk about how Jesus walked on the water. Talk about how Peter jumped out of the boat and walked on the water, too. Explain that He only sank when He became more worried about the wind and the waves than He was about keeping His eyes on Jesus. Explain that when God asks us to do difficult things as long as we keep our eyes on Jesus, we can do it. When we take our eyes off Jesus is when things get difficult.

On the way home, ask your kids if they swallowed any pool water. Talk about the fact that drinking pool water isn't good for you because of the chemicals. Explain that our bodies need clean drinking water to survive. We can go without food longer than we can go without water. Talk about how Jesus compared himself to drinking water. He said that He is "living water" that offers eternal life. When we follow Jesus, it's like drinking good water. It fills us up and lets us do the things God wants us to do.

There are many more accounts that include water in the Bible. Jesus turned water into wine. Abraham's servant met Rachel at the well. The Israelites crossed the Jordan River. God used water to flood the world. You can find a printable list of many of these accounts along with their references here. You can use a trip to the pool to focus on each of these.

Turn your summertime trips to the pool into extraordinary opportunities to teach your kids about God. It will make your pool trips a time of refreshment for both your bodies and your souls.


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