Learning to Be Content Series

We're having vacation envy around our house. My girls' best friends just found out they're going to Orlando to go to Universal Studios in the fall, and my girls (and I) are struggling with jealousy. It's not that we haven't been to Orlando. We have. We've just never been to Universal Studios. And it's been four years since we went on a big family vacation.

We've got a beautiful new basement. We've been on a bunch of smaller trips. We get to eat out about once a week. We have two cars. We have more clothes than we can wear. Yet, we're still struggling with envy. We're still struggling to be content with what we have.

Contentment is a tough thing. It's a choice. And it's a hard one. In the culture that we live in where everyone seems to have everything, it's sometimes tough to not look at our neighbors and friends and want what they have. It doesn't seem to matter that we have more than 98% of the world. In the moment, all that matters is that we don't have what someone that we know has.

I think that learning to be content and teaching our kids to be content is one of the hardest things to do. How do we teach something that we struggle with so much ourselves? That's why we're going to spend every day this week talking about contentment. Join me this week for our Learning to Be Content series. Here's the line-up for the week. You won't want to miss a day:

Monday: Introduction

Tuesday: What is Contentment?

Wednesday: Contentment is Learned

Thursday: Being Content with What You Have

Friday: Strategies for Teaching Contentment

Contentment is an important character quality for us to have and for us to teach. When we stop striving to gain more and to have things just because everyone else has them, we can focus on the things God wants us to focus on. When we are striving to gain things, tangible or intangible, we take our focus off of God. We become consumed by things that are not from God. 1 Timothy 6:6 says "But godliness with contentment is great gain."

And that's what I want. Godliness with contentment leading to great gain. If that's what you want too, leave me a comment to let me know you're joining me for this series. Then share this with your friends so they can join us, too. Let's learn to be content so we and our kids can focus on the things of God rather than our own desires.


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