Friday Introduction: Making Each Day a Celebration (Celebrate Every Day With Me)

Celebrations are part of life. Yet we tend to limit them to special occasions. I recently ran across Kristen Summers blog, Celebrate Every Day With Me, where she encourages us to celebrate all the time. She was gracious enough to agree to guest post for us today. I know you'll enjoy her post and her blog as much as I do.

Think it is an ordinary day?  Try again. 

Sure, the day may feel ordinary.  But it doesn’t need to be.  There are things all around us to celebrate!  There are fun adventures to be had and silly “holidays” to be observed.  But more than that, there are precious moments with our children to be enjoyed and savored. 

I am a mom to two young kids and keep a fairly busy schedule.  Even if it’s only a brief moment with my children, I want to do something fun TODAY. 

Here is why I’m choosing to make each day a celebration: 

Celebrations are plain fun!  When was the last time you set aside your “To Do” list and did something just for the fun of it or celebrated the moment?  Whether you are celebrating the birthday of your child’s stuffed animal or making a party out of painting enormous boxes, you and your kids can have fun.   

Celebrations are memorable.  I want my kids to have great memories of the fun things we did.  I want them to remember the time mom dropped everything we had to do and took a road trip in search of the best ice cream in the county.  (Ooh, this would mean ice cream all day long!). 

Some of my best childhood memories were the crazy, fun things we did . . . the times where we laughed until our bellies hurt.  Those are the kinds of memories I want to create for my kids.

Celebrations are relationship-building.  Whether you are celebrating something big or just the everyday things of life, you have the opportunity to bond and make your child feel valued.  Things may go wrong on your mini-adventure, but that’s ok!  You are together. 

Celebrations require a joyful attitude.  Being able to enjoy the daily encounters of special and silly celebrations can’t begin with a grumpy disposition.   One has to approach the day with excitement and anticipation.  An added bonus of a joyful outlook is that it is a great de-stresser for our busy lives. 

Celebrating is a way to remind us of the blessings of God.  The Bible is filled with celebrations and festivals to remind God’s people of His love, deliverance, provision and care.  When we stop to celebrate the ways God has blessed us, we not only deliberately acknowledge and enjoy the blessing, but we give Him glory.

My kids are such a blessing to me.  When I pause the busyness of my life and focus on intentional fun moments, even the little celebrations, I am reminded of the joy those two little kids have given me and I thank God for them.  Kids will only be young for a brief time.  As much as I want the years to slow down, they don’t.  The answer?  Make the most of the precious moments you have with your kids.  Celebrate each day!

Quick Ideas:

  • Put aside your list and do something impromptu today.  The only requirement:  it must be fun!
  • Check out a silly holiday list.  What can you celebrate this week?
  • Select a night of the week to be your Mission Fun Night.  Make it family game night, let the kids cook or go off on a “Let’s See Where We End Up” adventure.   
  • When you’re on the go and you drive by something that would thrill your kids, stop.
  • Take an interest of your children and create a whole party around it (even if your kids are the only guests). 

Remember, celebrating every day need not be a lot of work.  We’re after the joy, the relationships, the fun and the memories. 

Happy Celebrating!

Kristen is a stay at home mom to two kids (ages 2 and 4) who keep her busy and laughing.  As a former wedding and event planner, she now celebrates the everyday things of life and works to make each day special.  She has long lists, loves diet soda and playing jokes on her husband.  On her blog you’ll find fun ideas for children’s activities, creating memorable moments and of course, party planning and other wacky events.  You can find her at Celebrate Every Day With Me (