Check Out My Guest Post at Celebrate Every Day With Me

You get two for the price of one today. In addition to starting The Best School Year Ever series, I'm guest posting today over at Celebrate Every Day With Me. If you haven't checked out Kristen's blog, you should. I know you'll love it as much as I do. Today, I'm talking about being intentional with your kids during the school year. Here's an excerpt:

We enjoy the lazy days of summer around here. Trips to the pool. Hours spent playing board games. Time with friends. Vacations. Books to read. And plenty of time to be intentional with my kids.

It seems like during the summer, we have time for those conversations about the big stuff – who we want to be, how to treat our friends, what kind of words we should use. I’m always really intentional about making time to teach my kids in the summer. We have a schedule and a plan. And we have plenty of spontaneous moments in which to talk.

We’re three weeks out from starting school here, and I’ve begun to realize that I’m not nearly as intentional with our time during the school year as I am with our time during the summer.

To read the rest head over to Celebrate Every Day With Me.