A First Day of School Prayer

I woke up this morning as the mom of a fourth grader and a sixth grader. It seems like only yesterday that I walked my older daughter through the doors of her elementary school for the first time. Today, I'll drop her off at middle school.

I wasn't planning to write this post as part of my The Best School Year Ever series, but as I lay awake at 4:30 this morning, praying for my girls, I felt compelled to add this one in, to share with you my first day of school prayer for my girls. I'll be printing this off and laying it at the breakfast table for them to read, so they know their mom is praying for them today. I encourage you to write your own prayer for your kids and share it with them.

May God keep both your bodies and your hearts safe.

May He help you to know the right thing to do in every situation, and may you choose to do it.

May He give you courage to be strong in tough situations.

May He make you be friends who are willing to lay down your own desires to meet the needs of a friend.

May He help you be kind to others, and let others be kind to you.

May He help you  remember to pray in sticky situations.

May He help you to watch your words. Let your words build others up and not tear them down.

May you always know that you are God's masterpiece, no matter what anyone else says.

Help me to make home a refuge for them, a place where they can rest and be comforted after a hard day.

May He help you be respectful of others, both adults and other children.

May He help you open your minds to learning, but help you remember to compare everything you are taught against God's word.

May He help you to grow this year in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.

Help me to be the parent that they need. Let me hold onto my patience and look to You for wisdom before opening my mouth.

Let this year be filled with joy and unexpected gifts.

This is my first day of school prayer for my girls. I'm praying that this truly is their best school year ever. Won't you join me?

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