Hug 'Em Tight

Within the span of an hour on Friday, I learned that one of my older daughters' classmates had lost his dad unexpectedly on Thursday night and one of our elementary school kindergarten teachers has a 14-month-old with cancer. My heart is breaking for both families.

We had some soccer drama with our older daughter over the weekend. It included tears and frustration. Yet, when I went to bed last night, emotionally exhausted from a weekend spent speaking at the WHOLE conference and dealing with my daughter's disappointment, I realized all of my daughter's tears and frustration were small potatoes. As I lay there praying for these hurting families, I realized that simply being together, being healthy and being loved are the most important things in the world. Soccer will sort itself out. My daughter will grow and learn through the situation. It will all be OK in the grand scheme of things.

So, this morning, I want to be brief and simply want to offer this reminder:

Your family is a gift.

Your kids are treasures.

Make the most of today because we don't know what tomorrow holds.

Never miss an opportunity to offer a hug or a word of encouragement.

Always say "I love you" before any member of your family walks out the door.

Hug your kids tight. Hold them close. Let them never wonder if they are loved.

Because we're not promised tomorrow, but we do get today. Make the most of it, even in the midst of drama and difficulties. Because you don't know if you'll get another chance.

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