10 Reasons I Love Being a Mom

We've been working on creating thankful spirits in our house. In this give me, give me, give me world, it's important to help our kids focus on all the things that God has already given them. Next month, our Thanksgiving devotionals will focus on helping your kids have thankful hearts.

But with all the focus I've been putting on getting my kids to be thankful, I've missed the boat a bit. I'm thankful for so many things, but at the end of a lot of days, I forget to be thankful that I get to be a mom. After a day of tween drama, tears, homework, fixing dinner, work, giving the dog a bath and helping a child with her hair, I don't always feel thankful for my job as mommy. I just want to curl up in my chair and forget the world exists. I don't want to answer the calls of "Mom" from my kids after I put them to bed. Some days it doesn't feel as if my kids are a heritage or a reward as Psalm 127:3 tells me they are. Some days, they're just exhausting.

When my kids get to a place where they forget to be thankful, I have them make a list of things they have to be thankful for. We've had a lot of drama in our house in the past two weeks. There have been a few days where I've put my kids to bed and run and hid. So, today, I'm making a list of 10 reasons I love being a mom to remind me that my kids are a heritage and a reward and that there are so many fun and wonderful parts about being a mom. That way, when the drama comes, I can be reminded that I love what I do and I really am ever so thankful for my kids -- even if sometimes I just need five minutes to myself.

10 Reasons I Love Being a Mom

1. I get to hear belly laughs and little girl giggles.

2. My 9-year-old still likes to have snuggle time.

3. My kids ask questions that make me think.

4. Every day, I get to hear my kids pour out the concerns of their hearts to God.

5. I get to do silly things, see animated movies and dance in the rain -- and no one thinks it's weird.

6. I get to build forts in the living room, play hopscotch on the driveway and eat ice cream after a good game.

7. I get to watch my kids try something new.

8. Every day, I get to look at the world through eyes full of wonder.

9. I get to wipe tears, kiss skinned knees and make it all better with the magic of a kiss.

10. I get to listen and advise, hug and comfort, and push my kids toward independence -- all while holding a piece of them in my heart forever.

If you're feeling overwhelmed as a mom, take a few minutes and make your own Top 10 list as a reminder that your children are a heritage and a reward.

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