Day 7: Books

Welcome to Being Thankful for the Little Things, our annual November Thanksgiving family devotional series. This year, we’re focusing on being thankful for the little stuff, the things we often take for granted. Each devotional is meant to be read as a family. At the end of each devotional, you’ll find a journaling prompt (you can download a free journal cover and pages here) and an action step you can take to help out someone else. Thanks for joining us and be sure to share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Reading is one of my favorite things to do. It's how I relax and wind down after a long day. I love getting caught up in a good story and forgetting my own world for a minute. Books can take us places we might never go in real life. They can teach us about things we might never experience any other way.

Think about it. I'm probably never going to walk on the moon, but a book can tell me the story of the men who walked there. I'll probably never sail around the world, but I can read about the men and women who have. I'm a terrible artist, but books can show me the masterpieces of those who are great artists.

Big or small, loaded with pictures or not, I'm so thankful that God gives us books to read. I'm thankful for the creative brains that He's given to certain people who can write really great stories for me to read. But the book I'm most thankful for is the Bible.

The Bible is all the things I love about books rolled into one. It has great stories. Who doesn't like stories about floods, battles, romances and giants? And the great thing about the Bible is that those stories are true. The Bible also teaches us new things. It's chock full of information about how God wants us to live our lives. It's a practical how-to manual for life. Having trouble holding onto your temper? The Bible has words about that. Do you worry about everything? The Bible has advice for that.

The Bible is an amazing book, and we're lucky to be able to read it. In some countries, it's illegal to own a Bible. Yet, in the United States, we can not only own the Bible, we can read it, we can give it away, and we can tell others about it. All without the fear of being thrown into prison or killed just for owning one.

So, today, I'm thankful for books of all kinds, but I'm especially grateful for the Bible and the freedom to read it.

Journal entry: Write down at least three things that you're thankful you've learned from the Bible. Then write down three books that you're thankful for.

Action step: Save up your money and buy a Bible. Then give that Bible to someone who doesn't have one. You may know someone personally or you can donate the Bible to your church to give away or to a local homeless shelter. Share the gift of the Bible with someone else.

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