Being a Mom is Always Worth It

I'd like a do-over on the first few days of 2013. I started off the year sick with a nasty head cold. It's been a long time since I pretty much did nothing all day, but that's what I've done for the past two days. Then, last night, just as I was beginning to feel better, I was awakened by the words every mom loves to hear, "Mom, I threw up."

These last few days before the end of Christmas break have turned into a sick-fest in our house. All those great intentions I had of starting the new year off with a new cleaning schedule, a more organized work schedule and some fun family activities have flown completely out the window. Instead, I'm just hoping that everyone is well and rested by Monday.

This parenting thing has a way of messing with the best-laid plans. There's always a surprise around every corner. No matter how well we plan, no matter how much effort we put into our schedules, children have a way of changing those plans. This won't be the last day of 2013 that I have to scramble to rearrange plans because of a sick kid. It won't be the last day of 2013 that a child's needs will supersede everything else.

And that's just part of being a mom. Sometimes it means we drop everything for a sick kid. Sometimes it means we set aside work to dance in the kitchen. Sometimes it means the floor doesn't get mopped because we were having a tea party. Sometimes it means we call the pizza place for dinner because a child needed our ear and a hug more than she needed a home-cooked meal.

Motherhood is nothing if not unpredictable. There's never a dull moment, never a day where things go exactly as planned. It's a constant roller coaster ride, never knowing exactly what's around the next curve.

I think that's what makes this motherhood thing the best job in the world. It may be unpredictable. It may be frustrating on some days and full of laughter and joy on others, but it is never dull, never boring. And it's rewards are great. God wasn't kidding when He said "Children are a heritage of the Lord."

Sure there are the days of holding back hair as your child pukes, but then there are the days when your son or daughter shovels the elderly neighbor's driveway without being asked and with no expectation of a reward. Some days we want to pull our hair out in frustration when the toddler colors on the wall and the teenager flunks his math test, but then there are the days when that same toddler's giggles fill our homes with joy and that same teenager makes a courageous choice.

Yep, this motherhood gig isn't always easy. It isn't always pretty. It isn't always fun. But it is always worth it. Keep that in mind the next time you want a do-over on a day or week that hasn't gone your way. No matter the circumstance, being a mom is always worth it.