Fixing a Mistake

I did something in this space yesterday that I try really hard to teach my girls not to do. I did it unintentionally, but I wanted to use today to correct it.

Yesterday's post was about "the popular girls." I had a reader gently point out to me that just because a girl is popular, it doesn't make her mean or drama-filled, which is absolutely true, and I in no way meant to imply otherwise. I used the term "popular" because that's how my daughter referred to them.

In hindsight, I should have created a much more specific description of the group of girls my daughter was talking about, which I have since added to the post. Instead, I tarred and feathered and entire group of people with a broad brush, and for that, I'm sorry.

If you have a daughter who is outgoing, fun, and popular, then you should absolutely be proud of her and her ease with making friends. You should enjoy the amazing woman that God made her to be.

I try really hard to teach my girls not to label people. God doesn't put labels on us, so we shouldn't put them on each other. My point yesterday was that we are all masterpieces and our kids need to know that, but then I completely contradicted that by labeling a group of kids.

I did respond to the comment the reader left on that post, but I wanted to correct my mistake in this space, since this is the place that I made it. I promise to do a much better job of choosing my words wisely in the future.


Last week in this space, we had a drawing for the book You Have Been Invited! by Brian Howell. The winner of that book is Angie Baker Grice. Congratulations, Angie! Send me your contact info, and I'll send your book. Let me know how you like it.


I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Join me here next week as I've got some great stories about our evening spent shoe shopping and some conversations we've been having about angels around here.