Why Did God Make It So People Can Sin?

Two weeks ago, I promised that I would use Mondays to answer the tough questions our kids ask in this space. Last Monday, I felt compelled to share something else, and yesterday I was traveling with my daughter at a hockey tournament and didn't get a post up at all because I left my computer at home. Sorry about that. So, today, I wanted to get started on that series, even though it's Tuesday.

Understanding sin is a basic concept that our kids have to understand in order to grasp the enormity of what Jesus did for them. Yet, it's inevitable that our kids will eventually ask the question, "Why did Adam and Eve sin?" It's a great question. If God can do anything, then why didn't He just make people without the capacity to sin? Why make imperfect people?

It all comes down to glory. God is interested in bringing glory to Himself so that people can recognize Him as God. Isaiah 48:11 tells us that God wants all the glory due Him: "For my own sake, for my own sake, I do this. How can I let myself be defamed? I will not yield my glory to another."

God is amazing. The things He does are beyond what we can understand, and He is worthy of all the glory we can give Him. However, if God had created us without any choice in whether we follow Him, then we wouldn't bring Him glory. The choice to follow Him, the choice to praise Him, the choice to tell others about Him is what brings Him glory.

If God had created us without the ability to choose to follow Him or not follow Him, then we would be little more than robots. If our only choice was to follow God and praise Him, then we wouldn't bring Him glory because we didn't have a choice to do so. When we make a decision to follow God, to choose His ways over the ways of the world, that's when God is glorified.

So, God gave Adam and Eve a choice in the perfect world He had created for them. When they chose to eat the apple, they chose not to glorify God. But if they didn't have that choice, they wouldn't have glorified God either.

The act of praising and following God by itself isn't what glorifies Him. It's the choice to do so that creates the glory.

So, when your kids ask why God made it so people can sin, remind them that it's all about the glory. And giving glory to God comes from choosing to follow Him and praise Him.