Friday Introduction: CrossKonnect

My older daughter left for school in tears yesterday. My younger daughter finished the day in tears. It was one of those parenting days where you just want to tear your hair out. There wasn't much I could do about either situation. Hormones and exhaustion were the root causes of all those tears.

So, I spent some time praying for my girls yesterday. Truthfully, I don't cover my girls in prayer nearly as often as I ought to. Oh, I pray for them, but I don't spend concentrated time in prayer for them. God hears all of our prayers, whether they're quick pleas for help or long, detailed conversations, but lately my prayer life has become more filled with quick pleas for help than conversations with God.

God wants to hear from us, no matter how long we talk to Him, but to truly have an effective prayer life, to truly cover our kids in prayer, we have to be having a conversation with God. Since my prayer life had become more plea for help than conversation, I started looking for tools to help me be more diligent in having a conversation with God.

I'm a smartphone girl. Everything from my to-do list to my calendar is on my phone. I read books on my phone, play games on my phone, answer email on my phone and plan menus on my phone, so I decided to see what kind of apps were available to help me organize my prayer life.

If you're looking for a simple app for your phone or tablet that will help you remember to set aside time to have a conversation with God and will help you organize your prayer requests, check out CrossKonnect. It's currently available for Android phones but the website says it's coming soon to iPhones.

This simple app includes an alarm reminder you can set to remind you to pray at certain times of the day. I use the alarm to remind me of the time I set aside for my quiet time and to remind me to pray during the day when I know my girls have something important going on. The app includes several prayer lists, including Roles of God, Gratitude List, People to Pray For, and Distractions. The app then pulls your lists into it's prayer guide, which is based on The Lord's Prayer. All you have to do is click on the prayer guide, and it will give you prompts to pray through your lists. The simple guide includes prompts to confess sins, read scripture, pray for protection, and pray for others, among other things. There's also an option to keep a prayer journal, which I find is easier to do on my tablet than on my phone.

Prayer is one of the most powerful tools in our parenting toolbox. James 5:16 tells us, "The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective." Prayer is effective because we may not always know what our kids need, but God does. Using technology to improve the consistency and the quality of your prayer life may just be the thing you need to use that tool more often.