Was Jesus Really God?

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At Christmas, we spend a lot of time focusing on the fact that Jesus came to earth as a person. We talk about the tiny baby in the manger. We tell our kids that Mary was His mother, and Joseph was His father. We talk about how Jesus was just like them, a little baby, then a child, then a man. And sometimes, we confuse the snot out of our kids.

You see, when we focus on Jesus' humanity and forget to focus on His divinity, our kids can get confused into thinking that Jesus was just a man, which makes it hard to believe that He could do all those miracles. It makes it hard grasp that He was God in human form. It's a tough concept for adults to grasp, and it's even harder for kids because they don't have the capacity for abstract thinking.

So, how do you answer the question, "Was Jesus Really God?" besides with the obvious, "yes!" Our kids need to understand the evidence for the fact that Jesus is God. In human form Jesus was as divine as He was human. When you're confronted with this question, offer your kids this evidence.

His mother and father believed He was divine. If anyone knows all your faults and foibles, it's your parents. If Jesus had not lived up to His claims to be God, don't you think His mother and father would have told everyone He was crazy? Don't you think they would have produced evidence that He wasn't sinless? Instead, Mary and Joseph encouraged Jesus in His ministry. His mother sought Him out at a wedding where the host had run out of wine and begged Him to do something about it -- because she believed He could.

Jesus did things only God can do. Jesus raised people from the dead. He healed the sick. He turned water into wine. These aren't simple magic tricks. No magician I know can speak and have the person in front of him be healed. I've never seen anyone raise someone else from the dead. Jesus had the power to do these things because He is God.

Jesus died for His claims to be God. Generally, if someone claims to be something they are not and are threatened with punishment or death, that person will give up his claim. But Jesus died a horrible death because He claimed to be God. Few people are willing to die for a lie.

The tomb was empty. Jesus rose from the dead. When the women went to the tomb that morning, His body was gone. There was no other explanation that made sense. The tomb was guarded by Roman soldiers. There was a huge boulder in the way. No one could have taken His body without someone else knowing. Yet, the tomb was empty because Jesus rose and then appeared to hundreds of people.

As we talk with our kids about Jesus, we have to remember to help our kids focus on His divine nature. When we put too much emphasis on His humanity, our kids can begin to wonder if Jesus truly was God.