Lunch Notes

When I was at Wal-Mart last week, I saw the cutest box of notecards. I really couldn't pass them up. I didn't really need notecards. I communicate with almost everyone I know via email or text message. Sending a note through the mail isn't something I'm likely to do. So, to justify buying the pretty box of notecards, I decided to start writing my family notes.

I usually make lunch for both girls and my husband each morning. I pack it up in their lunch boxes and send them off to school or work, so I decided to put my pretty notecards in their lunches. It's amazing what a little note can do for your relationships.

Each day, I send a note reminding my girls they are loved. I might add a funny fact or wish them well on a test. I always tell them what I am praying for that day. Each morning, I have my girls write on our dry erase board what they want me to pray for that day. I usually mention that thing in the note.

Yesterday morning, I wrote the notes before my girls got their prayer requests on the board. My younger daughter panicked. "You're writing the notes NOW?" she asked. "Wait, I don't have my prayer up yet."

I had no idea those little notes were that important to her, but a little bit of encouragement, a reminder that she's loved, and the knowledge that someone is praying for her are a big deal to her.

Those little notecards have changed the way my girls talk to me. They're more willing to talk about what's going on at school. They're more willing to share their concerns because they know I'll be praying for them. I had no idea that a box of pretty notecards would be such a big deal.

As moms, we correct our children. We push them to succeed. We struggle over their failures and applaud their successes, but sometimes we forget that our kids really just need some daily encouragement from us. We can get so caught up, so focused on the crisis of the moment that we forget the importance of a kind word. We forget that our kids need a reminder that they are loved.

We are called to encourage one another. 1 Thessalonians 5:11a says, "Encourage one another and build each other up." Our kids need to know we love them. They need to be reminded throughout the day that no matter what, we have their back in prayer. Find ways to let your kids know you're on their side, that you love them. Whether it's notes, text messages or just hug, find ways to offer your kids encouragement today.