Friday Introduction: There is Grace

This motherhood thing can seem like it's a constant stream of "No," "Don't do that," "Did you do this?" "Why are you doing that?" From changing diapers to packing lunches to disciplining the kids to doing the laundry, so much of being mom is task-oriented, and we can get so caught up in those tasks that we forget to have fun.

Motherhood is supposed to be fun. Oh, not all the time. There's nothing fun about puking kids in the night or trips to the emergency room. But being a mom should have as many moments of fun as it does frustration. Sometimes, though, we forget that. We forget to simply have fun with our kids.

God wants us to have fun. He wants us to enjoy our kids, enjoy our lives. Jesus says in John 10:10 "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." Part of that fullness is fun and laughter.

Today, I want you to meet Nancy Backues who blogs over at There is Grace. She's been blogging since 2008 and started her There is Grace blog just last year. There is Grace is a blog where she writes about her family, her faith and finding grace in the journey.

Nancy knows life isn't always fun. As a cancer survivor, she's seen how God can use everything in our lives for good. As she says, "I am now  2 1/2 years cancer-free, and while it was one of the most difficult times of my life, I am thankful for it. God used the experience to confirm in me my gift of words. My journey with cancer is what convinced me to begin writing my everyday story again."

As part of that everyday story, Nancy and some friends decided they needed to spend more time having fun with their kids. That desire has evolved into the Fun Mommy! challenge on her blog. Each week, she intentionally chooses to do something fun with her kids, then blogs about it on Mondays. Here's what she has to say about the challenge: "I was talking with some of my mom-friends one day when one of them commented about how her husband always seemed to be the 'fun' one. We all agreed it was the same in our households. Mom is typically all business, and the party starts when Dad gets home. So, we challenged one another to do one thing every week with our kids that is just pure fun. It ended up being a difficult (but rewarding) challenge for us all. I figured other moms might have the same struggle, so I brought the challenge to my blog. I can't believe how many moms have told me that it struck a nerve with them...that they, too, have a hard time being a "Fun Mommy." I so wish I came by it naturally, but I don't. I really have to work at it."

I want to encourage you to head over to Nancy's blog to receive encouragement and to check out the Fun Mommy! challenge because we can all use a little more fun in our families. I'm going to be taking part in trying to intentionally be a Fun Mommy, and I hope you will to. Be sure to leave a comment for Nancy when you stop by and let her know I sent you. You can also check out the There is Grace Facebook page.

   Nancy Backues blogs at There is Grace. She is the mom of an 8-year-old daughter and a    5-year-old son. In addition to blogging, she is a freelance writer for a Christian publisher; she writes Sunday school curriculum, devotions, and magazine articles. She is passionate about words, especially God's word. She loves chocolate, coffee, naps with her kids, dates with her husband of 10 years, and chatting with friends.