I Need This

The girls are off to school, and I sit in my chair, a cup of tea beside me and my Bible open in my lap.

My soul heaves a sigh of relief. My heart longs for a quiet moment of peace in this chaos we call our morning routine.

I need this. I need this stolen moment with God where I offer up my hopes, my fears, my weariness, and the dire need for assurance that I'm doing this mom thing correctly.

I need this moment of peaceful surrender where I lay the crying child I sent out the door because she dislikes school, the overwhelming mountain of freelance work, the child caught in the in-between of child and young woman, the husband who works hard only to come home to a stressed out wife, and the broken furnace at God's feet. My weary soul lays down the burdens it carries at the feet of the One who can carry them all.

As I read and pray and listen, yes, listen, I find my soul refreshed. The burdens haven't changed, but they have lifted. The problems haven't disappeared, but they have become less dire. These moments spent with God have changed my perspective, lessened the load I carry.

And I wonder, why do I miss this time? Why do I choose to skip these precious moments with God on days when life is busy? Why do I not make the time to spend at the feet of the One who can handle it all? Why do I choose busyness over peace?

The truth is, more than anything else in my day, I need these moments of being still before my Heavenly Father. I need Him to lighten my burdens and give me rest. I need Him to whisper to my soul. I need Him to direct my days.

My kids need me to spend these moments with God. They need me to draw on God's love, patience, goodness and gentleness, so I can pour those things out on them. They need me to spend time covering them with prayer. They need me to seek God's wisdom, so I can be wise for them.

Too often I trade these precious moments of my day -- the ones spent in silence at the feet of the Father -- for a phone call with a friend, a few extra minutes of work, or one more load of laundry. Yet none of those things bring rest and peace. Only these moments, with a Bible open on my lap and a soul open to God, can provide the rest and peace my soul needs. I need this.

So, today, I want to challenge you to join with me to find those moments to spend with the Father. Find time to rest your weary soul. Sit at your Father's feet and let Him fill you up. They will be the best-spent moments of your day. Because we all need this.