What Can You Do With a Minute?

One minute and 10 seconds. That's how long it takes to heat up my tea in the morning. It's amazing what I can accomplish in that time if I choose to. I can unload at least half the dishwasher, clean off a counter, change a load of laundry, or sweep my kitchen floor. I can go get the paper, comb a child's hair, feed the dog, or make a bed.

Some mornings, I use that minute and 10 seconds wisely. Other mornings (usually the ones when I'm not awake yet), I stand and stare at the microwave, waiting for the time to pass.

Our lives are a series of those minute-and-10-second choices. We can choose to make the most of the time we have or we can choose to let it just slip by.

We get approximately 18 years with our kids. That gives us 9,460,800 minutes with our kids. Just like with my tea, there's a lot of things we can accomplish in each one of those minutes -- if we choose to.

I've found that the most profound teachable moments with our kids come in just that -- moments. We can choose to grab those moments or we can choose to let them slip by. We can be watchful, waiting for the chance to turn our kids' hearts toward God or we can miss the moment because we're too busy, too scared or too tired. We get to choose.

In a single minute, we can answer a child's question about God, wrap a child in a hug, offer advice on a problem, bring joy to our home with a shared laugh, wipe away the tears caused by a hurt, or listen to a story from our child. In our 9,460,800 minutes, we have the opportunity to shepherd the hearts of our kids -- but only if we choose to use the majority of those minutes well.

It's easy to get caught up in what we're doing and let those minutes slip by -- whether it's work, hobbies, cleaning or ministry.  All of those things are important, and we have to spend some of the minutes of our kids' lives doing them. But when your child needs a minute to share something important, to cry on your shoulder or to just receive a hug, do you set that aside and make the most of that moment with your child?

Time passes quickly. The minutes rush by. If we're not careful, they'll be gone before we realize it. Choose to grab a minute or two with your kids today. There's so much you can accomplish that moment.