Friday Introduction: One-year Devotional


We've worked hard with both girls to institute the habit of having a quiet time with God every day. I try to provide them with devotional material that's age-appropriate, interesting and relevant. As my older daughter has grown into the older tween years, that's become more and more difficult. The children's devotionals are too young, and the teen devotionals are too old. That's why I'm so excited about today's Friday Introduction, The One Year Devotions for Teens: DEVOS.

Yes, the cover says teens, but this isn't a typical teen devotional book. My daughter isn't interested in dating. She isn't interested in boys at all right now. And I'm perfectly OK with that. My biggest issue with buying her a "teen" devotional is that they usually contain a lot of scenarios that include dating and boy/girl relationships. I don't want to encourage those relationships before she discovers them on her own.

The One Year Devotions for Teens: DEVOS is a great devotional for tweens and teens. Written for both genders, it focuses on issues relevant to their stage of life. It includes only a handful of devotions about dating, and those are mostly about purity. This devotional focuses on who God is, why He's relevant to our kids' lives and how to practically apply what the Bible has to say. This is hands-down the best devotional I have found for tweens -- boy or girl.

The book contains a devotional for every day of the year. Each day includes Bible reading, a short one-page devotional and the main idea for the day spelled out for the reader. If you're looking for a devotional book that will keep your tween engaged and interested, check out The One Year Devotions for Teens: DEVOS.