Memorial Day

We're at our annual family reunion this week, so I'm running some of my favorite posts from the archives. Today's is short but a great reminder to appreciate the men and women who died to give us the freedom we so enjoy. Going to the Indy 500 is our Memorial Day tradition, but we should all take some time today to remind our kids of the sacrifices thousands of men and women have made so we can be free. Take a moment to walk through a cemetery or go to a Memorial Day event. Talk with your kids about the responsibilities that come with freedom. Say a prayer for the families of those who have recently lost loved ones in war. Don’t let today pass without marking the significance of the day in some way.

Enjoy the holiday, eat some yummy food, go to the pool and hang out with friends. But always remember that freedom isn’t free. Some people have paid the ultimate price so you can do those things today. Thank God for their sacrifice and remember them today.

Happy Memorial Day!