Seeing Red: Learning to Deal with Anger

I'm on vacation with my family this week, so enjoy this series from the archives. It’s hot. The summer is long. Kids are bored. Parents are frustrated. These things can all combine to make anger an ever-present companion in our households.

My younger daughter explodes when she’s angry. We never have to guess whether she’s upset. My older daughter, on the other hand, holds it all in. She’ll ignore most things, but then she’ll get upset over something little. That’s when we have to take the time to untangle the web of things she’s angry about to get to the heart of the issue.

We all deal with anger in different ways, but the truth is that anger can destroy relationships and make for an unhappy home. So, this week, we’re going to look at anger. We’re going to knock out some of the myths about anger, and we’re going to learn what God wants us to do when we’re angry.

When we learn to deal with our anger in a godly manner, we take away it’s power to destroy. Mistakes are made in anger that can cause friendships to implode, lives to change and serious consequences to happen. When the red haze of anger takes over, nothing good happens.

Ephesians 4:26 says, “In your anger do not sin.” That’s a tall order. This week, we’re going to look at how we can follow that directive and how we can teach it to our children. Each day, we’ll look at a passage of scripture that deals with anger, we’ll talk about what that looks like in our lives and how we can teach that concept to our kids. Here’s the list of topics for the week:

Tuesday: It’s OK to Be Angry

Wednesday: We Can Control Our Anger

Thursday: Words and Anger

Friday: Using Anger for Good

I hope you’ll join us this week as we learn what God has to say about anger and how we can teach those things to our kids. When we learn to control our anger and not let it control us, we save relationships, create happier homes and honor God.

Leave me a comment to let me know you’ll be joining me this week, then share this post with your friends. I promise this week will be jam-packed with practical information that you can put to use in your house immediately.