A Back to School Prayer

Back to School

Today is our first day of school. I didn't sleep well last night. Every time I woke up, I had just one thought: "Please, God, don't let this be a disaster."

Now, that might seem like a strange prayer for the first day of school, but, honestly, if we can avoid having this year be a disaster for both of our kids, then I'll consider it a success. Last year was tough for my older daughter. I'm praying that this year includes more friends, more joy and more learning than she had last year.

For my younger daughter, I'm praying that this year of homeschooling is the best thing that we ever did for her. I'm praying for some attitude change, some maturing and, honestly, that she and I won't kill each other.

It's important that our kids know that we're praying for them, especially as they start a new adventure. Knowing that mom and dad are praying for their day gives them an extra boost of confidence as they head to school -- in whatever form it takes in your family.

So, here's the prayer I'll be praying over my kids' days this year. Because I know that God is holding them in His hands, even if I'm not there.

A Back to School Prayer

As you head off to school today, this is what I'm praying for you:

I'm praying that your day will go smoothly -- that your locker will open, that you'll get to class on time, that you won't forget anything, that you'll find friends in your classes.

I'm praying that your teachers will know just how to teach you in a way that you will love to learn.

I'm praying that you will make friends who will have your back, make you laugh and will make you better.

I'm praying that you'll have the opportunity to be the light of Jesus to someone.

I'm praying that you will always be kind, even in the face of conflict or disagreement.

I'm praying that you will seek out the new person or the lonely person and help them find their place.

I'm praying that you'll learn to be a leader.

I'm praying that you will do everything to the best of your ability -- even when you don't want to.

I'm praying that you will be focused on the things your teachers are trying to teach you.

I'm praying that you'll have confidence from knowing you are a child of God.

I'm praying that if things go wrong, you'll always remember that God loves you and so do we.

I'm praying that you'll laugh a lot during your day.

I'm praying that you will follow in Jesus' footsteps and grow in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man.

Most of all, I'm praying that this year will be filled with learning, growth, joy and fun.

Have a great year!

For a printable copy of this prayer, click on the picture at the top.

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