Day 4: Thankful for Teachers

A Thankful Heart

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Every kid spends about 180 days every year in school. That's about half the year. Whether you go to public school, private school or you are homeschooled, you still have to go to school. That means that someone is teaching you.

The truth is that unless you're homeschooled, you will have a variety of teachers over those years. Some you might like a lot, some you might only like a little. But every one of those teachers is serving you.

That's a different way of thinking about it, isn't it? Teachers serve you every day they walk into the classroom. They are giving you their time, their attention, their compassion, and their effort. When you are in their classroom, you are their primary concern. Sure, it's their job, but it's also an act of service to show up every day and teach someone else's children.

If you're homeschooled, whichever family member teaches you is also serving you. Your family is making some sacrifices so that a parent, grandparent or other relative can teach you. And they are doing it because they love you.

Teachers do so much for us that we can be thankful for. They teach us what we need to know. They listen to us and help us solve our problems. They make sure we're having fun while we're learning. They spend hours at home planning for the next day and grading papers from the previous day.


Teachers encourage us. They challenge us. And they love us. They do everything from help us tie our shoes to help us choose which college we want to go to. They give up lunch hours and after school hours to help us succeed. If there's anyone in our lives we should be thankful for, it's our teachers.

Remember the account in the Bible of Jesus washing his disciples' feet? Jesus talked about how we all need to serve one another. Many teachers are a picture of Jesus every day because they serve you and all the kids in your class each and every day of the school year.

Action step: Take the time to write your teacher a note or draw him a picture, telling him how thankful you are for all that he does. Bring your teacher a small treat -- they're favorite candy bar or maybe their favorite hot beverage in the morning. Encourage your classmates to write notes or draw pictures as well. Consider bringing your teacher a bouquet of flowers on a day that isn't her birthday or a holiday. Choose one way to let your teacher know she is appreciated today.