Day 11: Thankful for the Music-Makers

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A Thankful Heart

Can you imagine the world without music? It would be a pretty silent place. There would only be talk shows to listen to on the radio in the car. Church wouldn't include praise songs or hymns. And there would be no singing in the shower. A lack of music would make our world a quieter, less joyful place.

That's why today, I'm thankful for the music-makers in the world -- people who make beautiful music with an instrument or their voices. You see, I can't carry a tune, and I have so little rhythm that clapping on the beat is difficult. Yet, I love to hear music, and I love to sing along with the songs that I know.

Did you know that listening to and participating in music actually makes us smarter? Music helps our brains be better at math, and it can help calm our emotions when we're upset. Babies love to hear lullabies when they're going to sleep.

People who write, sing and play music add to our world in ways that we can't measure. They simply make our world a more beautiful place.

Did you know God loves music -- and it doesn't even have to be beautiful? Psalm 98:4 (ESV) says, "Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth; break forth into joyous song and sing praises!" God doesn't say we have to sing well to make music. He simply says we should make a joyful noise.

When we sing songs of praise to God, it's one way to worship Him. The people who lead worship at your church are probably wonderful music-makers, but so is the lady standing next to you who can't sing at all. God loves to hear both voices as they sing songs of praise to Him.

So, today, be thankful for the music-makers -- the people who lift their voices in joy. They make our world a more joyful, less silent place.


Action step: Choose someone you know who loves to sing (whether they do it well or not) and write them a note thanking them for the music that they make. Let them know you've notice their "joyful noise." Consider giving them a music note Christmas ornament to remind them how much their music brightens your world.