Day 14: Thankful for the Organizers

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A Thankful Heart

Do you ever think about the people who organize the things you like to do? There are probably a lot of them. Your mom may organize your family's schedule. Someone organizes your soccer league, your dance classes or the school newspaper club. Your teachers organize the day in the classroom. Someone organizes your children's program or youth group at church. And those are the obvious ones, the people you might think about.

There are less obvious organizers in your life. Did you ever think about the fact that someone has to organize the grocery store shelves? Someone has to design the layout of every store you enter. An engineer designed the system of roads you drive on so they get you where you want to go. An architect organized the layout of your house so it looks good and is a good use of space.

Without people who are good at organizing things, our world would be a messy place. We wouldn't know where we needed to be at the right time. We'd have a hard time getting where we wanted to go. We might have to walk through a bedroom to get to the kitchen. Without the organizers, our world would be pretty chaotic.

Did you know that God gives some people the gift of organizing? It's called the gift of administration. Jesus demonstrated the gift of administration when he chose, organized and sent his disciples out to share the good news about Him. If Jesus had just left the sharing of the gospel up to chance, those 12 disciples wouldn't have been nearly as effective. Those 12 men ended up taking the message about Jesus to all of the world after Jesus' death. They were able to do that because Jesus had a plan and was able to organize it effectively.

Today, we can be thankful for the people in our lives who are the organizers. We can enjoy the fact that our lives run more smoothly because of these people. And we can be thankful that God is the ultimate organizer. His plan to send Jesus to die for us is the best example of organization that we have.


Action step: Be aware of how much organization goes into making your day run smoothly. Identify the people who are responsible for organizing part of your day. Write them a note letting them know how much you appreciate their effort.