Rest and Relationship

R&R As I sit here this morning, I have to tell you, I'm tired. I'm looking at the calendar for the next two weeks, searching for rest, and I'm not seeing any. Somewhere, the margin in our lives has disappeared -- at least for the next two weeks.

Most of it is beyond my control. My husband has some work events coming up that leaving me flying solo on nights when the girls have practice. We have company coming one weekend. Winter soccer and hockey are in full swing, and I manage both girls' teams. It seems there simply aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done.

We all have moments, weeks, and seasons where life just takes over, where the calendar squares are so full, we can't get another thing in. I've been trying to get together with a friend for the past two weeks, but our schedules just don't match up. My husband and I have been trying to get away for a date for a couple of weeks, but we can't find a couple of hours to make it happen.

Short seasons where our schedules are full aren't ideal, but they do happen. What we have to guard against is letting those short seasons turn into a lifestyle. We have to make it a point to recapture the margin in our lives at some point. We have to find a way to refocus on our families, on our marriages, and on our rest.

You see, God didn't design us or our kids to be on the go 24/7 without time for Him or for relationships. He didn't make us so that we could run forever without recharging. God made us to need rest. He made us to need relationship.

When we fill our schedules to the brim, when we run constantly for long periods of time, we find ourselves missing out on what's important. Suddenly, we don't know our kids because the only time we see them is in the car. We don't know our spouses because the only time we see them is when we cross paths on our way to bed. We don't know our friends because we can't find time to get together.

That's not healthy, and it's not the way God designed us. At the very beginning of the world, God took a break. He rested -- not because He needed the rest, but because we do. God also chose to give Adam companionship in the form of Eve because He knew we needed relationships. Both of those things fall by the wayside when the schedule is so full we can't even remember everything we need to do.

My younger daughter and I didn't get yesterday off. I had to teach and she had to attend a homeschool enrichment program because they didn't take the holiday off. So, Friday, we're taking the day off. We're going to spend some time doing something fun together. We're going to get some rest and some relationship time.

I'm looking toward February as a time to get some rest and relationship with the rest of my family as my girls are out of school for a few days. And my husband and I are going to carve out some time for a date sometime in the very near future.

If your calendar is too full, make sure it's just for a season. Make sure that you can see time for rest and relationship. Because if you can't, it's time to let some things go. It's time to make some choices that put rest and relationship back in the schedule. Because we weren't designed to live without either one.