Life is Messy -- and Beautiful

mess I didn't get up early this morning to write this blog. The alarm went off, but I decided to sleep in. It's been a long week. I've had a sick kid, my husband has some work commitments that have left me doing the single parent thing for most of the week, and we've been playing catch-up on my daughter's schoolwork.

As my husband reset the alarm for an hour later, I felt a little guilty. I'm committed to posting something here most days, and the only way that usually gets done is if I get up earlier than my family. But this morning I needed the rest. This morning, my life didn't fit into the little box I had created for it.

The reality is that life is messy. It doesn't fit neatly into any schedule or box we create. We can try to contain our lives into the schedules we create, but inevitably someone is going to get sick or have an event crop up that we didn't plan on. Our kids are going to forget their gym clothes or their lunches. Our spouses are going to need us to do something we didn't plan to do that day. Our friends are going to have times when they need us to drop everything to help them out. We're going to have days where we need sleep more than we need to accomplish a task on our lists.

Most of us don't like messy. Most of us want our lives to be ordered and predictable. We get frustrated and upset when a kid turns up sick on the day we're supposed to lead Bible study. We get annoyed when someone alters our plans. We get angry when things don't go exactly as we wanted them to.

But if we stop for a minute when our plans go awry, if we take just a moment to look around in the middle of our mess, we might find beauty. We might find more blessing than frustration. We might discover that messy isn't always bad.

Would you really trade those golden moments of snuggling with a sick kid for your well-ordered day? Would you really swap that teachable moment when your child was in the midst of a crisis for dinner on the table at the correct time? Would you really trade a tea party with your 4-year-old for a load of clean laundry?

Life rarely happens the way we plan. More often than not our plans get messed up. Kids aren't predictable. Crises happen. Illness crops up. But in the midst of those unplanned moments that are making a mess of our day, we often find ourselves in the middle of something way more beautiful than anything we could have planned.

Today, your day might not go as you planned it. Your schedule might get thrown out the window. Before you get frustrated by the changes in your day, though, take minute and see if you can find beauty in the mess. Because God often changes our plans, and His plans are always beautiful.