Three Ways to Use Sunday's Big Game as a Teaching Tool

Super Bowl Sunday is coming. It's one of the few events of the year that it seems the whole country is watching. It's also a great opportunity to teach your kids some valuable lessons about sportsmanship, hard work and teamwork. Many of us will gather with friends, eat some great food and watch the game. We'll see men on the field who have worked their whole lives to get to this point. Sure, they have some extraordinary talent, but they also have put in the hours to practice and hone their skills. Talent will only get you so far. Hard work is required to make it to the Super Bowl.

As you watch the game on Sunday, use it as an opportunity to teach your kids about some important character qualities. Here are some suggestions:

Big Game Character Scavenger Hunt_Page_1

1. Play the Big Game Character Scavenger Hunt. Use this free printable scavenger hunt and have your kids watch for the things on the card. Have them write down what they see for each item. It will help your kids focus on the character qualities of the people on the field rather than just the game. As you play talk with your kids about how even when we play sports or do some other competitive activity, we can still be pictures of Jesus on the field. We can still live out the character qualities God wants us to have. Offer a prize for the person who completes their scavenger hunt first.

2. Watch this video with the Seahawks players and an assistant coach:

Talk with your kids about how the coach says "Jesus is better than the Super Bowl." Talk about how these men have worked their whole lives to reach the Super Bowl, yet they still put Jesus first. Talk about how no matter what our goal are, no matter how high we reach, Jesus will still be better than anything we can achieve on our own.

3. Every time a team scores a touchdown, count the number of plays in the drive. Talk with your kids about how each of those plays requires everyone on the field to do their job. When the announcers break down a play and point out where a person made a mistake, talk with your kids about how each of those players has a job to do. Talk about how God has given every one of us special talents and personalities because we each have a job in his plan, just like the players on the field each have a job to do in the game.

The big game is Sunday. Don't miss a great opportunity to turn this sporting event into a teaching opportunity.