Miracles Do Happen

sara cormany

The first Friday of every month, I turn this space over to my friend Sara Cormany. She writes from her heart about motherhood and chasing after Jesus. I don't know if all of you know her story, but in the past few years, Sara has gone through a number of health issues, including stroke and miscarriage. She is always so grateful for the small things that you and I take for granted.

Today, though, I get to share with you the miracle that God has done in their family. You see, after her miscarriage, doctors thought she would never be able to get pregnant again. Yet, yesterday, she announced to the world that they are expecting a baby in September. So, today, I'm asking you to head over to Sara's blog Where Feet May Fail You and read her story and rejoice in the miracle she's been granted.

I'm also asking that you pray daily for my dear friend from now until September as this pregnancy is not without risk. Sara embodies the quality of finding joy in the moment and relying on Jesus. I hope you'll rejoice with me as I rejoice in this amazing miracle with her.