5 Ways to Get Your Kids Reading the Bible

Reading A couple of weeks ago, I was encouraging my younger daughter to read her Bible.

"But it's so big. And it's boring," she said.

The Bible is a tough book for our kids to tackle. It is big, and, really, Exodus and Leviticus are pretty hard to slog through, even for an adult. But the Bible is also filled with action, adventure, romance and miracles. It's an amazing story of God's love for us and everything that He's willing to do to bring us closer to Him. It's practical. It's interesting. It's a great read.

But our kids often don't see that. What they see is a really big book written in language that they don't always understand. It's a book that's not written in chronological order about things that happened a really long time ago.

However, it's important to instill a Bible-reading in our kids early. It's important that they begin to understand what's in the Bible and how to read it. It's important that they get the entire picture of God.

Thankfully, there are ways to make God's word more accessible to our kids. Here's five ways to get your kids reading the Bible.

1. Get an age-appropriate translation. My favorite version of the Bible for kids is the New International Readers Version. It's the NIV with smaller words so kids can understand them. The NIrV comes in a form to fit your kid from pink to camouflage. NIrV Kids Study Bible is one of my favorites.

2. Let your kids listen to the Bible. Use a Bible app like the one from Bible Gateway that allows your kids to listen to the Bible being read to them as they read along with the recording. This allows your kids the freedom to hear God's word without having to struggle through reading the sometimes difficult language. Reading it and hearing it also helps your kids understand it better.

3. Get a reading plan. Give your kids a reading plan that helps them read through the Bible. Find one that allows them to read different parts of the Bible at the same time. That way, when they are reading through Leviticus, they're also reading through a more understandable book. You can find a bunch of reading plans that will be sent to you each day at Bible Gateway.

4. Make it a challenge. Challenge your kids to read their Bibles. Have a Bible-reading challenge for your whole family. Pick a plan or choose a book of the Bible and challenge your family to read through it. Have progress charts and awards for reaching certain milestones.

5. Read it together. Choose a time to read the Bible together as a family. It can be once a week or every day or anything in between. Pick a time that works for you, whether it's at breakfast or at bed time. Read a passage of the Bible and discuss what it means as a family.

The Bible doesn't have to be intimidating for our kids. We can make it accessible to them and create lifelong habits that will have them turning to God's word for wisdom throughout their lives.