Make the Most of Today

Goodnight I wrote a post not too long ago about how much I really don't like bedtime. I don't think I'm ever going to love bedtime, but last night, my perspective changed.

You see, yesterday, my heart broke for a momma I've never met. I shed tears for a family I'll never know in person. Because Tuesday night Ben Sauer died. A friend of a friend knows this family, and my friend had posted the mom's blog on her Facebook page. Over the past week, I've been reading about this family's heart-breaking journey through their five-year-old son's terminal brain tumor. (You can read it here.)

And last night was the first night that Ben's momma didn't get to tuck him in bed. It was the first night she didn't get to kiss him good night. And for some reason, that fact more than any other in their painful journey hit my heart. It reminded me that I don't get promised tomorrow. It reminded me that these kids don't belong to me. It reminded me that today matters. It reminded me that I am blessed to get to put my kids to bed every night.

When we look at the precious little faces in our keeping, we tend to spin dreams and plans for the future. And sometimes we do that at the expense of today. We put off playing with our kids or taking them on adventures because we think we have time for that tomorrow. But tomorrow doesn't always come. It isn't promised to us.

What we do have is today. We have a day that God has made. We can rejoice and be glad in it. We can choose to spend an extra moment with our kids. We can choose to really listen to what our middle-schooler has to say. We can choose to stomp in the puddles and play in the mud with our kids. We can choose to point out the amazing things that God has made. We can choose to dance in the kitchen and sing in the car.

Because it's the little things that are going to matter. It's the moments, the memories that we're going to hang onto when our kids are grown. It's the mundane, the crazy, the fun that our kids will remember.

So grab today by the horns. Play with your kids. Hug them tight. Love them well. And kiss them goodnight.

We're not promised tomorrow, so make the most of today.