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I have two girls in my house who take their sports seriously. A great portion of our time and money is invested in our daughters' playing sports. And that's OK. Our girls love their sports. They're passionate about playing. They learn great things like how to be a leader, how to be an encourager, how to deal with disappointment and how to win graciously.

One thing that's important in a house full of athletes is nutrition, exercise and body image. My older daughter plays soccer. If you've ever met a soccer player, you know that they tend to be in fabulous shape, but they also tend to have pretty large thigh muscles. Despite being in better shape than anyone else in this house, my daughter can still get caught up in the fact that her thighs aren't stick thin.

That's why I was so excited when Family Christian asked me to review Bethany Hamilton's new book Body & Soul. For those of you unfamiliar with Bethany Hamilton's story, she's a professional surfer who lost an arm to a shark attack when she was 13. Her story was made into the movie Soul Surfer several years ago. Despite the injuries she suffered in the attack and nearly losing her life, she relearned how to surf with just one arm. She now surfs professionally.

In her new book, she addresses all the issues that teen girls face in dealing with nutrition, exercise and body image. She focuses on the importance of being healthy, of making healthy choices, of eating well, and of exercising regularly. She does it all from the perspective of taking care of the body that God gave you.

The first part of the book tells Bethany's story and talks about how your body is a gift from God. She also talks about how your outlook affects everything in your life, including your health. She gives tips for eating well (smart eating secrets) and for exercising. The next part of the book is devoted to actual workouts that Bethany recommends. Full-color pictures and detailed descriptions of the exercises make the workouts simple and easy to follow.

Following the exercises, is a Q&A section that answers some of the common questions that girls may ask about nutrition and exercise. She also spends some time talking about the importance of a relationship with God and with those around you. The last part of the book is full of healthy recipes and suggested meal plans.

This book is a fantastic resource for the tween and teen girls in your life. It's a fabulous resource for any girl, but if you have an athlete in your house, you need this book. Bethany's outlook on life -- both about her body and her soul -- is an example for any girl who aspires to be a serious athlete. Girls will pay attention because this is a woman who knows what it means to condition her body to be the best at her sport. She's also a woman who has been through an extremely difficult circumstance and not let it change who she is or what she loves to do.

I'm so excited to be able to giveaway an autographed copy of Bethany Hamilton's Body & Soul. Just sign up below. I'll announce the winner on Friday.

This post contains affiliate links.

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