What a Girl Needs from Her Mom Review ($10 Family Christian Certificate Giveaway)

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Somehow, I thought raising girls would be easy. After all, I was a little girl and a teenager once. I know what it's like. This shouldn't be that hard, right?

But then I ended up with two girls in my house who not only aren't much like me, they are so far apart from each other on the personality scale that it takes an entirely different set of parenting ideas to raise each of them.

And don't forget the world has changed a bit since I was a little girl and teenager. Instead of talking on the phone for hours, these girls are spending all their time texting and using social media. Some of the dangers we had to go looking for are right there in the palm of their hands.

Raising girls isn't easy. It doesn't matter that I was once their age. Nothing prepares you for the raging hormones and constantly changing personalities of the tween and teen years. I often think "I was never that bad." (My parents assure me I was.)

Raising kids -- boys or girls -- takes all the energy we can muster and all the help we can get. If you have girls, you should check out Cheri Fuller's new book What a Girl Needs from Her Mom.

Fuller delves into the complicated world of raising girls. She gives helpful advice about the wired world we live in and how to connect with your daughter. The most convicting chapter to me was the one about being present and engaged with our daughters. They need us to put down our phones or our computers and completely engage with them. Because they need to know they're important enough to have our complete attention from a young age.

Fuller also talks about the importance of being an encourager and a prayer warrior for your daughter. She covers everything from helping your daughter learn to manage her emotions to helping your daughter achieve her dreams.

Fuller has raised two girls of her own and is now a grandmother. She weaves her own personal stories into the book along with anecdotes from other moms who are currently raising girls in this overly wired world.

If you're wondering just what it is your daughter needs from you, check out Cheri Fuller's What a Girl Needs from Her Mom. Because being a girl doesn't make you an expert at raising one, and in this crazy world, we need all the help we can get.

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