Living Summer Day by Day

Summer2 My kids got out of school last Thursday, and we left town for the Indy 500 that afternoon. We got home yesterday, which makes this the first real day of summer my kids have had. My younger daughter is currently lazing around in her pajamas, and my older one is still asleep (and probably will be for quite some time).

This whole family has been looking forward to summer for a while. The stress of the school year winding down and all the end-of-season activities have kept us on our toes. We're all looking forward to some time to just be lazy.

But summer is about more than just being lazy. It's a time for me to reconnect with my kids. It's a time to work on some things that we've glossed over during the school year. It's a time to make memories and have fun. It's a time to strengthen friendships and have new experiences.

Usually I have a pretty specific plan for the things I want us to do during the summer, but this summer, I find I'm winging it. My girls are most interested in hanging out with their friends and having some time to recoup and refresh. And that's OK. We'll find some time to have a few adventures and work on some life skills. We'll make the time to dive deeper into what God wants for their lives.

But mostly this summer, we're going to relax. We're going to take it one day at a time and do the things that fit. That probably means I'm going to have a house full of kids all summer. It probably means I'm going to be feeding kids and taking them places. It probably means some lazy days at the pool and some teenage movie nights. It does mean lots of giggles and a bunch of late nights.

But as I ponder our summer, I'm reminded that these days are fleeting. My older daughter goes to high school in August, and the moments will fly by. So this summer, I want to make as many memories as possible. I want my kids to look back on this summer with joy. I want them to have fun, dive deep with God and cement friendships that will see them through these next few years.

So, while there may not be much concrete on the calendar at the moment, I have high hopes for a summer that's lived day by day.