Jesus, Please...

Eternity needs our hard stuff more than it needs our happiness.

Life around here has been a bit of doozy. You know that tummy-twirling ride where you spin and spin and spin and the floor drops out? Yeah, that’s pretty much our summer.

And the grand total of my contribution to my children’s spiritual and educational enrichment?

My mad skills and ability to push play on the Blu Ray. I kid you not. But on the upside, I am really awesome at pushing play.

So there.

My auto-immune disease is kicking my bum and my lungs and my heart and I’m sure something else by next week.


I cannot say this season of our life was and is without good.

I. Just. Cannot.

In a world that often says our God is good only when the outcome is good, my summer is a living testament to what happens when the outcome is a big, blessed mess.

Love without boundaries. Grace that meets us daily. Peace even when the floor drops out.

It is a road that ekes out not an eloquent, perfect prayer for health and safety and all things lovely but rather a sacred “Jesus, please…”

Standing outside my babies’ rooms after another day of holding frustrated little hearts who miss their mom so very much.

“Jesus, please…”

Watching my littlest sleep, feeling like I’ve lost her first year and in some ways, lost a piece of  her.

“Jesus, please…”

Holding his hand knowing he is carrying the weight of our world squarely on his exhausted shoulders.

“Jesus, please…”

It is in this whispered call that His good can seep into our fear, our frustration, our blessed unrest. Because at the end of the day, we are not called to work out our own good. We are called to be champions for eternity.

And sometimes?

Eternity needs our hard stuff more than it needs our happiness.

Now I know this is not the feel-good sound byte of back-to-school we mamas want to hear. I know it would be easier to pray for things that are safe and comfortable. I know the thought of anything other than happy already weighs on our hearts.

I. Know.

But what if, instead of a list of a million wants, this school year we prayed a “Jesus, please…”

One that said, “Make it good. Make it beautiful. Make it matter for eternity.”

Oh friends, what if?

Sara Cormany guest posts on the first Friday of each month. Sara is mommy to six-year-old Grace, four-year-old Drew, one-year-old Sophie, and her new little miracle Maddie.  When she is not wiping noses, changing diapers or chasing her kids, she is a sometimes writer and a sometimes teacher to teenagers.  But her most cherished role is that of one who is perfectly held by Jesus. She loves watching Him take the broken, the messy and the seemingly mundane of her everyday and turn it into something beautiful. She recently began her own blog called Where Feet May Fail. Be sure to check it out. - See more at: