A Birthday Prayer for My 13-Year-Old

 photo credit:  designblossoms.com

photo credit: designblossoms.com

My baby girl turned 13 yesterday. She's officially a teenager.

There's something about having your youngest child enter her teens. Childhood in your house is officially over. You've got five years left until they're 18.

When my girls were babies, people told me the time would fly. I didn't understand then what they meant. Sure there have been long days, hours, even minutes, but the years have flown, and I'm now the mom to two teenage girls. My job is less hand holding and more pushing out of the nest.

It's become a tradition for me to use this space to offer up a birthday prayer for each of my girls on their birthdays. So, this one is for my sweet baby girl as she turns 13.

birthday 13
birthday 13