A New Thing

Photo credit:  designblossoms

Photo credit: designblossoms

In Isaiah 43, God says “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” For the past couple of months, that’s what we’ve been doing at Everyday Truth. While the blog has been mostly silent, we’ve been super busy behind the scenes creating a new thing.

When I started this blog six years ago, I was the mom of two young girls. Now, I’m the mom of teenagers. Things change, and it was time for Everyday Truth to change, too.

So, today is launch day here at Everyday Truth, and I could not be more excited. For the past couple of months, my friend and super talented designer Maria Morris from Design Blossoms has been giving this space a makeover.

While I’m pretty good with words, drawing a straight line or creating anything resembling art is far beyond my talents, which is why I’m so thankful that God gifted Maria with plenty of artistic talent. She has given this space a fresh, new look that better meets both my hopes and dreams for this blog and the needs of you, the reader.

Take some time today to click around the site and see all the new stuff. You won’t be disappointed!

I’m also excited to tell you that you can expect a new Everyday Truth blog post every week. I’ve taken some time off to get reenergized, and I have ideas just fighting to get on the page. I’m also working on some new products and freebies for you, as well.

While the focus of Everyday Truth will continue to be about capturing the everyday moments and using them to put our focus on God, here’s where the new thing part comes in. There will be fewer detailed stories about my own kids. Oh, I’ll still share with you in general, but my girls are now 13 and 15 (soon to be 14 and 16 – how did that happen?) Their detailed stories are no longer mine to share. Their stories belong to them.

What I will be sharing in this space are those bigger picture moments. You’ll still get plenty of glimpses into our daily lives, but the stories about my kids will simply be more general in nature.

What Everyday Truth will still do is encourage you as a parent to seek God yourself and to help your children find him, too, no matter their age. I’ve also got lots of new resources in the works for you over the next couple of months.

To get this launch party kicked off, I’m offering you a couple of freebies. If you click on over to the Resources page, you’ll find a free download of my Worry Jar printable (that Maria has done an amazing makeover on). If you have a child who struggles with worry, or you struggle with it yourself, make use of the free download and start taking your thoughts captive.

The other freebie you’ll get is my Summer Toolkit, which will help you get started intentionally planning your summer. All you have to do is subscribe to Everyday Truth, which means you’ll get all the new posts and information about new resources in your inbox. Just click on the button below. Then don’t forget to look in your email and click the button there to verify your email. After that, you’ll get an email telling you how to download your free Summer Toolkit!

I can’t wait to see what God is going to do with the "new thing" he has created in Everyday Truth!

Thanks for reading!