Hi! I'm Lori Fairchild.

photo credit:  designblossoms.com

photo credit: designblossoms.com

I'm the busy mom of two teenage girls. Between hockey, soccer, church, choir and theater, we seem to always be on the go. Sometimes, we're too busy to notice and appreciate all that God has given us. Do you ever feel like that?

It's hard to keep our focus on God in the midst of a world pulling us in 14 different directions, but we can find God in the everyday moments, and we can help our kids find Him, too.

I started Everyday Truth as a way to be intentional in helping myself and my kids find God during our everyday lives. Over the years, I've created some valuable resources that can help you find God in the everyday, too.

So, check out the site. Read some blog posts. Take a look at the resources. I'm sure you'll find something to help you and your family. Check us out on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, too. Join in the conversation. I'd love to hear from you.